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Friday night Jazz at Reverie is a weekly Jazz concert series hosted by Reverie Cafe & Bar and produced by illicit Productions. The series is curated by Steve Kenny

ABOUT Friday Night Jazz at Reverie

Tonight:  April 1, Special performance Friday Night Jazz in EXILE at Public Kitchen in Lowertown Saint Paul featuring the Paul Harper "Chordless" Quartet with Paul Harper - saxophones, Steve Kenny - FLUMPET, Tom Lewis - Bass and Matthew Buckner - Drums  See "SCHEDULE of EVENTS link below for additional 'EXILE' events in April

No More Friday Night Jazz at Reverie

Number of Seats

The shows all start at 9:00. Shows are always NO COVER, so come down and check out the music any Friday for free. We are supported by voluntary contributions to a Tip Jar that is passed around once per set. Also, we are allowing for individuals to pay $20 in advance to reserve seat at a table near the stage. 

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